Friday, February 23, 2007

Two Quotes

On February 21 there was another congressional hearing in New Orleans this one was on housing. The Paper covered it extensively.

The Road Home program got a lot of flack.
Blanco said she expects to see more than 2,300 closings, and after March's quota of an additional 7,000, the monthly figure should grow by 10,000 per month.
At the rate of 10,000 a month it will take 10 more months to close all of the existing Road Home Applications, just in time for New Years 2008. She seems to consider that acceptable. No one I know of thinks its possible.

Not to be out done the Mayor weighed in,
"The Road Home program in its current format will not work," Nagin told a congressional subcommittee that met Thursday in New Orleans to address the housing crisis. "It is overwhelmed, undermanned and technically flawed. Let's take all the people registered for it in New Orleans and let us administer the program with local institutions. I think we can get it done for you very quickly."
I don't know which quote is scarier.


Karen said...

Ed Blakley was also there asking for the reigns to be handed over to him.

Then I saw in the paper today that he has left for 10 days. My favorite part was where he told the Reporter to "prentend" that he is here.

Isn't that what we already do?

mominem said...

I didn't think Blakely was pushing for Road Home money to go through him, just everything else.

I personally think he's too busy for this job.