Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I'm legal!

I've always been a little loose about the registration, licensing and inspection of my cars. I've also been scrupulous about the maintenance.

Honda del Sol

Until a little while ago I let my registration and inspections lapse on all three of my cars. I hadn't had a valid break tag in more than three years and my licenses plates had, I thought, expired since the flood.
Volvo 940

I visited the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles on Airline Highway and after wait of approximately 1 hour I was able to renew all three license place. It only cost about $300. On the plus side I did discover I had renewed one of them just before the thing and had not received the little license plate sticker so although the plate said expired I was technically not expired. I renewed it anyway. The other two were definitely long gone song.

Volvo S80

About two weeks later we returned to the same place to renew our drivers licenses. both were due to expire before the end of the year. I wasn't really concerned about getting a ticket so much as being denied boarding an airplane. I was so worried about that I actually tested boarding with an expired passport. They let me on.


Sophmom said...

In Jawja, if you fail to renew your tags every year, when you go to renew them, they make you pay for all the years you skipped. It sucks. Getting on a plane with expired ID is a little scary too.

Happy New Year, darlin'. Spent some time in your hood while I was there.

The long, long road home,New Orleans said...

good to know the state stays on these things. lol. we had the cars registered in florida and the military moved us to texas. we changed the insurance to texas and kept the cars registered in florida as florida allows for military. a month later i got a letter saying my license was suspended for changing the insurance. But I sent all the necessary paperwork showing we were military and got a nice apology letter. so all worked out.

mominem said...

I think the $300 I paid covered all of the time since I had a valid tag. I think a typical values is about $50.00, although it is a sliding scale based on vehicle value.

When I did my airplane boarding test I also had in my possession my current driver's licenses and passport.

My plan was to plead ignorance, and I think I would have escaped the body cavity search but I wasn't sure so I got there very early.