Thursday, March 06, 2008

Home Movies

My brother recently arranged to have all of my fathers home movies transfered to 5 DVD's. I just got my set. My mom and I have been watching some of them. They span the time from when I was about five or six until after I was married. They seem to stop about the time my sister graduated from High School.

It's fascinating what you forget.

One of the things I remember was being at Superbowl IV in Tulane Stadium.
My dad took some home movies of that game from our regular end zone seats. He also had some movies of an early Saints game in the stadium as well. I'll have to look closer to figure out exactly which game it was.


Schroeder said...

I'm very interested. What company did your brother go with for the conversion service, and did the films have any problems (such as brittleness due to aging with temperature and/or moisture extremes)?

BTW, there's a kid who's been hauling out an old projector to show 8mm movies at J'anitas Thursday nights (well, not really a kid -- the owner's son).

mominem said...

He went to the local Walmart. One factor was we didn't want to ship the film. We thought the risk of loss was too high.

My dad had always stored the film well and kept it organized. This was a project we had talked about for years and difficulty in finding someone to do it outlasted my dad.

The conversion wasn't perfect, some of the film was faded but as far as I know there weren't any problems with the film.

I'm sure a better job could have been done had someone slaved over correcting fading and color.

When we started looking we couldn't find anyone to do it. Now many people do.

Schroeder said...

Wal-mart? Who knew? I'll make some inquiries. My dad's been mucking around with some old films -- but it sounds like they weren't cared for as well as your fathers. Thanks for the tip, and the post.