Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Let the Mismanagement Begin

True to the tradition of fighting the last war. The City of New Orleans' governing class high fived over The Most Effective Evacuation Ever. It was better than The Second Best Evacuation Ever, the evacuation of New Orleans before Katrina. In the Second Best Evacuation more that 80% of the population voluntarily evacuated with no help from the government. This time 90+% evacuated and much of the difference was the people the government should have helped first time.

If the levees had not failed due to improper design the Katrina evacuation would have been hailed as a great success. We would have been back in our homes within a few days and no one would have put armed soldiers at the borders of New Orleans.

This time everyone played by the script, except Gustav who largely bypassed New Orleans leaving Geraldo loose on the streets. Gustav however managed to severely damage the electrical infrastructure. But more than that he allowed the petty bureaucrats of the Mayoralty of New Orleans to hold uncommon power of their vassals.

A couple of disaffected minor nobility have now challenged the Lord Mayor and his minions. Council members Sir Feilkow and Dame Head have issued a statement that our Lord Mayor should have followed the lead of his fellow nobels in adjacent realms and coordinated his schemes with theirs.

The Duchy of Jefferson has allowed its subjects to return at noon on the morrow. The Lord Mayor only deigned to allow his vassells back at the stroke of midnight. No one seems to have noticed that Jefferson has about 50% more subjects than Orleans and more that twice as many hovels without electricity.

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