Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Did You?

I voted this morning did you?

In spite of all of the dire warnings of long lines, faulty machines and my vote went very quickly and smoothly.

Our polling place in back in a garage where God intended it to be for the first time since Katrina. After Katrina our precinct was moved into the Greek Church on Bayou St. John. I was told that the church didn't want to "host" voting anymore. I never liked voting there anyway, it was too crowded and the parking lot was too small.

Voting in a person's home seems to be something of a Louisiana thing. I know when my parents moved here they had never heard of such a thing. In their experience voting was always at some government building, a school, fire station or the like.

I like it.

I like to opportunity to see a few of my neighbors and cast my vote. I like the opportunity to check on how its going and hear firsthand what the turnout is. I would have volunteered my garage, except we have a carport and couldn't deal with security for the voting machines or inclement weather.

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