Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Nayor Magin

I'm not a big fan of Ray but recently we're seeing a lot of piling on. I'm not defending his unconscionable secrecy which only fueled the fire. But, the Sharks smell blood in the water. They are feeding on the public's apparent distaste for his antics. When he was popular they wouldn't have dared.

I just read the article on WWL's analysis of Ray's schedule. I'd have to say his schedule is a lot more structured than mine. I'm sure Obama's is more tightly structured judging by the West Wing. If Ray is meeting 4 or 5 hours a day, when does he get to read all of the reports and analysis he needs to read to go to the meeting? When does he get to go observe what is really happening? I've been in corporate situations where the same group of people seems to go from meeting to meeting without pause. I wonder when they have time to tell their subordinates what to do. Usually they don't, I know I don't.

In that situation I tend to have different key people in each meeting so they can go off and do their work and I can try to keep the client in check. It doesn't always work. I can vividly recall situations where some significant time after our client made a decision it became apparent we hadn't followed up. Often it turned out that had had a meeting without us and neglected to inform us of the decision. Occasionally when called them on it they would all look at each other say "you remember the meeting at ... " slowly they realize we weren't at that meeting and no one told us what had happened.

In my world, I have meetings but my office door is open so I get a lot of phone calls and impromptu meetings. None of that is scheduled. I wonder what Dr. Hatfield's schedule or Blakeley's schedule showed? I'd imagine they would fill in some of the blanks, but maybe not if they had casual access and simply walked in when they needed to talk.

WWL's analysis also apparently uses some deceptive statistics. For example they cite 46% of his time spent on scheduled social functions, apparently including all meals, which may have been meetings where actual stuff discussed but excluding any time not recorded, like time spent in his office reading, talking on the phone or in walk in meetings.
Clancy DuBos said, "in all reality, what's on the schedule doesn't reveal everything Nagin does in any given day."
He's right, unfortunately it was at the very bottom of the online article.

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Clifton said...

WWL had to report something after going to court just to get access to the information. You can't do all that and not have some kind of report to validate it.