Thursday, June 25, 2009

Yahoo I Used to Knew You

I fear the Yahoo service is rapidly declining, I don't know why but possibly due to the ascendancy of Goooogle!.

For several years I've used myYahoo for my home page. I was able to track local news, national and international news along with weather my favorite sports teams, even a series of real and synthetic investment portfolios. I found YahooMaps superior to the original MapQuest, which I could never get to work properly.

I've tried to switch to Google but never could match the features of my Comfortable Yahoo! home page.

Unfortunately recently Yahoo! has made it almost impossible to remain logged in and even difficult to save login information in your browser.

Even more recently one of the most useful features "Topix"( which provides a feed of local news articles) has become infested by a single apparently self promoting "examiner". So much so that I deleted the "Local News" from my home page.

It seems to me that this "examiner" was minimally rewriting articles by others, posting them on and the posting them himself to TOPIX. This circle jerk has crowded out nearly everything else.

I sent TOPIX an email but am not hopeful, although I did get a reply promising to look into it.

Suggestions for comparable functionality are welcome.

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