Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Suberbowl - Anxiety

After all of the pieces were in place I began to get anxious about whether it would come together or not. I have never bought such expensive tickets in my life I had never bought tickets from a third party, depending on someone to deliver the tickets the day before an event I was traveling hundreds of miles and spending hundreds of dollars to attend. I was staying in a hotel that I was familiar with and had stayed away from. I was pretty sure something would screw up.

At this point all I could do was pack and hope for the best.
Things began to look up almost immediately. My email box began to fill up with confirmations. Travelocity confirmed the Hotel with a confirmation number. I had elected to prepay and use Travelocity to prevent any confusion at check-in.
The best new something was two parties. Stubhub called to ask if we were planning on attending their Friday night party in South Beach. It seems they were giving a party (with an open bar) for all purchasers at Smith and Wollensky at the tip end of Miami Beach, very close to Joe's Stone Crabs.

They also invited us to "the Stub Hub Experience" prior to and after the game at Calder Race Track adjacent to the Stadium, site of the Stubhub parking. I had not noticed any of this on their website.

Stubhub seemed a little confused. They called to confirm whether I was going to the party before I got the email invitation to the party. When I asked if perhaps they could bring the tickets to the party, the only response was "That sounds like a good idea".

Stubhub called again to ask if I would talk to local media, I told them I would be happy to, but perhaps they should wait until after I had my tickets.

Stubhub called again to see if we wanted out Parking Pass shipped. I told them I planned to pick up or tickets Saturday, like I had told the previous person who called. I wanted them in my hand to be sure nothing would screw up.

Every one who called from Stubhub was young, personable helpful and uninformed about anything except the specific reason they called.

I got an email reminder for the car rental. I got a confirmation for Click and Park for the Stadium parking pass.Still there were still unresolved issues. I could not get through to Click and Park to confirm when they would ship my pass. Finally I got them on the phone and got an email message Wednesday that it shipped for overnight delivery. The Pass was delivered Thursday afternoon just before I had to leave for my last appointment before picking her up at the airport and going home to pack.

I was still nervous about the hotel and the tickets but we were on our way.

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