Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hollywood Beach, 2007

After checking into our hotel in Hollywood we decided to hit the boardwalk and see what had changed what was new since our last visit then get some dinner.

This year our hotel was next door to the place we stayed last year. It is a timeshare which we rented. This year it was closed and under serious reconstruction. Last Year the boardwalk re-construction much in evidence. It has now been largely completed, at least on the north end. The new boardwalk is a concrete and brick promenade with short fences to keep the sand at the beach. There are drinking fountains and showers every so often. The effect is more elegant than the asphalt path it replaced. There is new construction along the area including a planned new twenty million dollar park, a large public private redevelopment and a new condo tower under construction at the extreme north end of the boardwalk. In addition many of the older hotels and apartments have been spruced up.

Unfortunately I think many of the charming and economical beach front hotels, some dating from the twenties thirties and fifties will be swept away in the coming wave of redevelopment.

The current Florida boom has finally found Hollywood Beach.

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