Monday, January 08, 2007

Maybe someone kind of gets it.

I'm not usually a big fan of ACORN but this study at least seems to make sense and match what I see looking at flooded buildings.

9th Ward Can Be Rebuilt, Planners Say

There is no simple one size fits all solution.


rcs said...

Has anyone actually seen the data they're using to support their conclusions? If they'd present the actual survey and the results they gathered it'd be one thing. Color me skeptical.

mominem said...

I've not seen their data, but the conclusion matches my independent observations. Most homes suffered only immersion by slowly rising waters and slowly receding waters. There is no reason this should, in most cases, cause any structural damage. Wind damage was relatively rare and in most cases minor.

I wrote about this last July in the 50% Solution

Tim, a Civil Engineer, came to the same conclusion regarding his house in November 2005 Simple Solution.

It also matches the immediate post Katrina Damage Assessments by the City of New Orleans which generally note a lack of structural damage.

I forgot to mention I'm a professional Architect and have entered and checked dozens of houses in my neighborhood.