Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Two Politicians

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco and Clarence Ray Nagin Jr. are both failed politicians.

The difference is that the Governor has come to realize it. I have to give her credit for trying. She was not up to the task fate delivered her. A task she was not elected to perform. I believe she was elected by a combination of gender identification and a sense that we needed someone to bring the state together.

She was the kinder gentler Governor. She was the consensus builder, the compromiser. Compared to Mike Foster's high testosterone and Bobby Jindal's aggressive techno management. Either might actually have been a better person to deal with the aftermath of the disasters, but we'll never know. In the last Governor's election I though we had two decent choices.

She did the right thing. I hope history will be kind to her, she seems a decent person confronted with circumstances beyond her ability, beyond the ability of most people.

The Mayor is a different story, he seems obsessed with himself and nothing else. He seems willing to say anything to attract attention to himself from those in front of him. Like the Governor he was elected because he was different, the voters were looking for something different from the past.

Like the Governor the Mayor was confronted with circumstances beyond his ability. His response has been to lash out randomly at those he feels let him down. It seems to me that for him its all about him. I don't think history will look kindly on him, if it pays any attention to him at all.

I wonder why we have such poor choices.

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