Saturday, March 31, 2007

Should We or Shouldn't we?

We are in a quandary.

Our Trailer is useless, there is no power. It has been months since I could stay there overnight because the electrical service feeding our house (and our trailer sine it is is fed from our house) shorted out. We could have it repaired, but because of the way we acquired our trailer we would have to pay for the repairs and it would be expensive.

Our options are basically;
  1. We could have temporary power installed. $$$
  2. We could have our service repaired. $$$$$
  3. We could have our contractor provide temporary power when he starts on the house. $??
  4. We could prevail on one of our neighbors to provide power ( and be reimbursed for their cost). $$
  5. Or we could give it back.
We don't know what we should do.

Although we would both like to have the trailer as our claim stake at our homestead.


Leigh C. said...

1) and 2) will cost you, certainly.

3) might well be the way to go, but when's he starting on the house?

4) sounds like the making of neighbor as enemy over Entergy bills

and 5) is up to y'all, I guess. Considering how long it's been taking for most people's trailers to be towed away, I don't know if y'all will have much of a choice if you decide to have it hauled away. Keeping it there might be good to stake a claim, but then there are security issues, I guess. I don't think you want a squatter on your property.

Hoo boy. Morning food for thought. I'll be thinking about this one all day.

LatinTeacher said...

Just asking, won't you need to have the service repaired to your house? It seems like that's an investment you will need to make anyway. Would that solve your problem? Yeah, it's expensive, but it will be over with for the house and the trailer.

mominem said...

The issue is that mobilizing an electrician will be difficult and expensive. We only want to pay for that once.

Even if we were tied into the house we'd need several, possibly lenghty, outages before we could finish the work.

The Bayou Chica said...

How much longer will it be before your repairs/renovations are completed? Are you near a move-in date?

We were kind of forced into our house. We called FEMA to pick up the trailer and they were over in about a week. I anticipated it would take about 1-2 months and I would have time to empty it out in a timely manner. It didn't happen that way. They showed up and said you need to empty it out in 1 hour. This was really funny as I had my newborn in tow and no one to help.

mominem said...

Our renovations haven't really started, the damned architect hasn't been able to get the plans far enough along.

Fortunately we have another place to stay.

karen said...

Perhaps you could contract the electrician and have them do whatever it takes to power you up and then come back when needed. we did that with ours and it worked out well.