Thursday, April 05, 2007

Blue Light Special

The political news of the last few days is just astonishing;

"Blue Light Special" Cynthia, got caught going over 100 mph with an illegal blue light and the State Police let her go. I think I's still be in jail. I don't care which Cynthia she is she should resign. Breaking the law is worse than being boorish.

Ed "What continent am I on" Blakeley, seems confused about exactly how many people were living in New Orleans before he got here. That must complicate planning getting them back. He was so depressed by his gaff he sent the clueless Nagin dome out to apologize for him.

On the DC front HUD has reNagined on their approval of the Road Home program, delaying the payout again . They seem to have been very slow to discover but quick to declare their mistake and typically slow to respond to proposals to fix the problem they created.

I guess its still business as clueless.

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