Sunday, April 29, 2007

Excursion: St. Simons

Labor Day, the traditional end of summer. We planned to be in Atlanta and take in some traditional end of summer activities. At the last minute we decided to try go to The King and Prince Beach and Golf Resort on St. Simons Island Georgia.

I'd wanted to visit there for a long time. I am a sucker for old hotels. There is something about the passage of time which makes those places better and better, provided they are maintained. I'd never even heard of the King and Prince until I googled it up on the Internet a few years ago. I became entranced.

In any event we decided to spend two nights Saturday and Sunday. Since Saint Simons is a considerable distance from Atlanta we were going to spend a good part of the trip on the road. Yahoo says its 318 miles, a 4:58 minute drive. That's ok, since we have enjoy road trips and it gives up time to just talk and see the country side.

The drive down was pleasant and uneventful. We arrived in mid afternoon, plenty of time to explore the hotel and get some beach time in before dinner. Since we were staying in a condo we decided to cook in.

The unit had a balcony looking out over the pool to the beach. It was a very nice view, we decided to eat dinner on the balcony and later sat and sipped Champagne while we talked watched the stars to the sound of the sea.

Sunday we split our time between the beach, which was just a few steps from the hote and the village. Immediately after breakfast we rented an umbrella beach chairs for the day.

During the day we made a couple of wlaking excursions around the island to see what was there. The King and Prince is located in the heart of Saint Simons older area. Called the "village" it is a sleepy town of summer bungalows many of which are quite old. It is a comfortable, old shoe kind of place which seems to have a sense of permanence. It is casual and southern.

Unfortunately there are signs it is being redeveloped. Old bungalows are being demolished and condominiums being constructed. Fortunately there seem to be some limits. The King and Prince had been part of an earlier wave of redevelopment and a lot of what were once grounds was covered with "villas". That where we stayed, th efirst night.

The Lighthouse is the iconic image of St Simons. There are lots oak canopied lanes and golf courses.

We actually didn't get that much chance to look around.

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