Friday, April 27, 2007

They seem to have lost us.

The Road Home seems to have lost us. We had our interview on January 19. Two friends also had their interviews about that same time. Both of them have already received their gold letters. Although we was told it would only take six to eight weeks to get a letter, I was prepared for a longer wait. It has turned into more than twelve weeks. I understand that part of the delay was ICF's shift to licensed appraisers and the whole HUD thing. Still I don't see why we are behind our friends.

Based on my friends reports to me The Road Home still has significant problems valuing existing property. One friend, another Lake Terrace resident, had his home valued at about $85 per square foot. That's only a little more than I paid for my house 8 years ago. My house certainly appreciated in those eight years. I think our house is nicer than his but not that much. Mine is a little different so many people might not agree with me. In his case the discrepancy won't matter since he maxed out his award anyway. Others might not be so "lucky".

The Road Home has also changed their Latest Statistics page. I've updated the link on the right of my home page. The new layout is cleaner and much easier to read. Like the last version it has a link to a .doc file with much more detailed information. There is still no way I can find to go back to previous weeks and chart the progress, or even get previous versions of the .doc files.

As always when I write about Road Home, I ask my readers to share any information about their Road Home experience that are comfortable with, either as a comment or an email. My email address is in my profile.

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