Saturday, October 06, 2007

The Bayou Chica

I hope you read my blog. I know you have commented here. I have wanted to comment on your blog but Microsoft requires me to agree to thing I'm not willing to agree to.

Please email me.


The Bayou Chica said...

Hi there! Catch me on my blog. It is This is my primary blog. The msn one isn't all that great. I do update it now and again, but this is the one I keep up with.

Wow! Just image the surprise I had when I checked your blog and saw my name up there. I am still laughing. Too funny!

mominem said...

I wanted something really important but I couldn't leave a comment on the Microsoft thing without setting up an account. So I posted this but now I forgot what I wanted.

Anyway Thanks for responding. I've added your new blog to the blog roll.
I left the old one since it contains all of you posts in the Post Katrina world.