Saturday, October 06, 2007

Police Bust Polka Perps

I have expressed some skepticism of the accuracy of the reports of the Police Bust of a Parade in Treme. I am no longer skeptical.

The police have also harassed the venerable Duetches Haus Oktoberfest. During the first weekend the police were ticketing cars parked on the median of Galvez street. I guess they were afraid of a polka playing oom-pah brass band leading a gang of lederhosen wearing chicken dancing temporary Germans.

I don't know if anyone complained about Oktoberfest. I kind of doubt it. This neighborhood is not being gentrified. In fact although there is some repair going on, the neighborhood is largely empty and is slated for demolition to make way for the new VA hospital.

In response Haus volunteers taped off the median with yellow plastic tape and posted warning signs at the entrance. Free Parking was available in a lot owned by The Blood Center around the corner.

Still I wonder about the rationale for this action. Oktoberfest draws people from all over the area. This year we ran into the Oysters and my wife's cousin, among other people. It seems silly not to let people park on the median rather than forcing them to walk though the largely empty and desolate neighborhood for the four of six weekends of Oktoberfest.

I have attended Oktoberfest for many years. In past years NOPD officers have been around and people have parked on the median without interference or as far as I know incident. We never did because we don't drive car big enough to safely jump the curbs.

One thing is certain. Someone in the Police Department has a tin ear for community relations.

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Puddinhead said...

Did the "harassment" of Deutches Haus consist of any more than ticketing vehicles illegally parked on the neutral ground? Because I have to tell you...I really dislike it when people park on the neutral grounds because of "special" events. (And no, I'm not counting the odd deluge in neighborhoods where the neutral ground is the only point that might stay above water...that's a different case entirely) Maybe it goes back to growing up in a neighborhood with beautiful old oak trees lining the neutral ground of the main boulevards...neutral grounds you would break your ankle walking on because of the ruts left behind by those who park there. In a couple of weeks' time (especially if there's any rain to soften the ground, first comes the ruts, and then eventually enough of the grass is killed such that the weeds can really take hold...then it starts looking crappy enough that no one feels guilty throwing crap out of their car window into the weeds. Then the crew comes out to cut the grass, but they don't pick up the trash first, so everything gets shredded and spread all over.

Of course, none of that is much of a concern to the folks who'll just be in that neighborhood the one time each year for the "special" event. But hell...maybe I just need to shut up and go work for Parks & Parkways. LOL