Monday, October 09, 2006

Oompah - Oktoberfest

Last Friday She and I went to Oktoberfest at Deutsches Haus on Galvez. We went early. We wanted to be home early, so we went directly from the office in the CBD. We got there about 5:30, just as people were beginning to arrive.

It was a beautiful evening with just a hint of Oktober in the air. We have a friend who is very active in Deutsches Haus, exactly what she does I don't know except that she dressed like the fabled farmers daughter and poured beer. She told us they had tried to have 40 different German Beers this year but unfortunately some had not yet arrived. They also have a nice selection of German wines.

I was amazed at how much the members accomplished getting the Haus back in order for Oktoberfest. They still have a lot of work to do but that is mostly up stairs. In years past we have stopped off several evenings if only to have dinner. This year we will probably only be able to go once.

The food starts at 6:00 and this year they were serving diner plates consisting of a main course, (pork loin or cabbage roll) a sausage (bratwurst or knackwurst) and the choice of 2 vegetables (sauerkraut, red cabbage, potato salad or mashed potatoes with gravy). $10.00 per plate. For $20 you can have one of each, which is what we did. In addition to the main serving lines inside there was the pretzel stand outside with was serving fresh pretzels and sausage. I think knackwurst and weisswurst on buns but probably some other things. We had some of that too.

As usual one of the fun parts of Oktoberfest is sitting a a long table with lots of interesting people. This year was no exception. We met some new people and their families, unfortunately we'll probably not see them again until next year.

The usual German band music played all evening. Finally we decided we had had enough about 8:00 and started out. By then the place was packed. People were jammed in. It was far more crowded than I remembered in past years, although part of the beer hall hasn't opened yet. That may have had something to do with it.

They seem to have cut back the chicken dancing. The first one started as we were leaving, which I thought was a shame. I always like to watch the little kids chicken dance and it was getting a little late and a little crowded for them by then.

Oktoberfest continues for the next three weekends. Friday and Saturday until October 28.

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