Friday, October 20, 2006

RFI - Road Home Program

Michael Homan (better known as Kalypso's dad) has recently posted some information about his Road Home Grant. The numbers doesn't seem to add up, based on my understanding of the Road Home Program. I posted my initial comments on his blog.

I've been looking for a source of the actual grant calculations.

Did they explain the calculation?

I was looking at your numbers and no combination I can see gives the result you reported.

I understand (but am not certain) that the grant is based on the lesser of the damage or the decrease in value, minus insurance and FEMA grants.

If you use their pre-K value ($146,154.00) and deduct the insurance they list ($77,036.67) you get $69,117,33.

That means they have valued your home at $5,000.33.

Got any ideas how the did their math?

For a while I have been looking for information on the Road Home Program but little detailed information seems to be available.

I'd like to ask bloggers or anyone else out there to post of email me any information you may have, especially actual examples. I know there have been relatively few, so I don't expect much, at least no right away.

As information becomes available I'll post information, conclusions and speculation about how it works.


Tim said...


I'm a college graduate registered professional civil engineer. I'm used to crunching numbers and reading legalese codes and standards. But after spending several hours reading through the Road Home literature online, I couldn't even tell you if I'm even eligible to get a grant, much less how much it might be! I think they use an Enigma machine or something to do the calculations...



mominem said...

In theory the rules are simple, its the individual calculations which cause the problems.

There is very little information out there about how this all works or how the rules are being applied.

While simple user friendly descriptions are fine and necessary for most people, those who have the technical expertise should be able to read the actual rules and understand them for themselves.

The last thing in the world I want is to be at the mercy of some half trained semi-educated bureaucrat.