Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Trailer Tweaks

Living in the trailer means we have to enjoy the simple pleasures we can.

One of the first things I did, After spending a couple of night on a soft foam mattress with a hard plywood under it. Was to install a thermal foam mattress cover. It really make the bed tolerable. It wasn't that expensive and I'll probably move it back into the house when we're done.

While cleaning out the house we discovered we had bought a set of Noritaki china. We had bought it for an aborted Florida condo and stored it away, high in a closet. Using real china makes dinner a little special, even if you do have to wash it by hand.

One of the most important is the salvaged Baccarat Dom Perignon crystal champagne flutes, for Her Favorite Beverage. The box didn't survive but the flutes did. We use them every time we celebrate being together. They were a gift for for serving on the board of a professional organization. They were very kind to include two and make mention of me when they were presented.

Every time we take them out we toast our future. We take them out often.


Sophmom said...

There's nothing else like champagne in a crystal flute. While day to day I am content with a cold Bud Light, champagne is one of my favorites too.

K2.0 said...

That is sweet, about the china and the champagne flutes. One has to indeed grasp one's pleasures where you can in trailer life. We got one of those foam pads too.