Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Head'em up, Move'em out

I've written before that my neighbor has been trying to get rid of his unused FEMA trailer for months. It's gone. It disappeared over the weekend. I hope FEMA came and got it and it wasn't stolen.

The odd thing is I didn't notice it was gone immediately. I noticed on the way out Sunday but I didn't notice it on the way in or out Saturday, any of several times. It couldn't have disappeared while we slept. You'd think I would have noticed something that big missing.

This is doubly odd because on the way home Saturday afternoon I saw a crew moving a trailer out down the street.

That's at least two less trailers in the neighborhood.


adrastos said...

You were focused on getting to Dangerblond's party. I suspect that you were in surfer dude mode too, dude.

Sophmom said...

I was going to suggest that it had been spirited away by trailer thieves in the middle of the night, and ask where in the world would you hide one, but after reading Adrastos' comment, I'll just say, yeah, what he said. I'm assuming we'd have heard by now if the dang thing had been stolen.

Oktoberfest sounds cool too, Mominem. You guys most definitely know how to have fun. Hope all is well with you and yours.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what number to call to report unused trailers. We have many in my neighborhood and a few of them are being used under suspicious circumstances.

mominem said...

To Anonymous;

FEMA has a Trailer Hotline.


They were helpful to me but I don't know if they will deal with unused or improperly used trailers.

To Sophmom;

I don't think FEMA knows where all their trailers are or if any are missing. I expect to see stories in a few months about missing trailers. But it will probably FEMA who lost them.

We're just having fun where we find it. Which hasn't been all that easy to find until recently.

km said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ... from your sister .. thinking about you !! HOPE you have a good one !