Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What does "mominem" mean in Japanese?

Since I started this blog I have received relatively little spam to my blog email account. I'm actually surprised at that because I have used this email address in a lot of comments on other peoples blogs

The odd thing about the spam I have received is that virtually all of it, to the extent I can tell, is Japanese. The addresses are Japanese, the content is Japanese, usually in Japanese fonts and the names of the senders, to the extent I can read them, are Japanese. Like this sample from;



If the above quote looks like gibberish, you don't have the proper language support installed.

This lead me to the conclusion that "mominem" must mean something in Japanese or be a Japanese name. A few googles turned up nothing. I found mostly references to me, somehow juxtaposed to Japan or Japanese in other peoples blogs. Usually associated with one of my comments.

Got a clue?


dangerblond said...

I get a lot of spam that is complete gibberish. So, apparently, Dangerblond has some meaning to people who speak gibberish.

mominem said...

That gibberish may be because you don't have the Chinese and Japanese fonts loaded, so your computer can't display them properly. My notebook is like that but on my office machine those messages show up a Chinese or Japanese or sometimes Korean. I still get some that are gibberish, I suppose those might be some other alphabet, like Hebrew or Arabic.

Tim said...

Using the Google language tool to translate from Japanese to English, it reads, "It is woman member who, now weekend searches the SEX partner."

So it's not only spam, it's pornographic spam.

Aren't you the lucky one!