Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rapper's House Arrest Reinstated

I have a home page set in my browser. It comes up with headlines, local weather, my IRA and some links I like (the Saints and LSU schedules among others). One of the boxes I have included is the New Orleans Headlines. For the last three months it also included, almost every day, the headline Rapper's House Arrest Reinstated.

I have the same link on my blog home page in a side bar. The story was somewhat mildly interesting when it first appeared, although I was not all that interested in it myself.

What I find amazing is that it just keeps on going. It's the Energizer Bunny of Headlines. Apparently as of this writing the story has not been updated in 70 days, yet it continually shows up as one the top headlines. It is also a story from the St. Tammany Parish News, hardly one of the major news outlets in the area nor a hot bed of Hip-Hop.

It seems to have gone away recently, but if it comes back, does any one know how to kill this Bunny?

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