Monday, October 16, 2006

They Say It's Your Birthday

Notable birthdays today

October 16, 1958 Tim Robbins

October 16, 1947 Bob Weir

October 16, 1946 Suzanne Somers

October 16, 1925 Angela Lansbury

October 16, 1898 William O Douglas

October 16, 1854 Oscar Wilde

It's My Birthday Too,


Anonymous said...


Sophmom said...


Oscar Wilde looks drunk. Douglas looks a little like Robin Williams and Lansbury was totally hot.

I hope you have a great one!

judyb said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's a memorable one.

Adrastos said...

Happy birtrhday. Mominem. Loved the gallery. You're in pretty distinguished company, mon ami.

dangerblond said...

Wow, have you noticed that all the best people were born in October? William O. Douglas - he's hot.

Happy Birthday, Love DB

MSMominem said...

I think our next costume party should be in the Oscar Wilde vein!!
Happy Birthday again!!!

mominem said...

I think Angela Lansbury was hot.

AMC had a birthday celebration of her. Following that in their salute to child stars this month they ran National Velvet.

I'd forgotten Angela Lansbury was in National Velvet. AMC neglected to mention the segue.

In my opinion her Edwina Brown is a tossup with Elizabeth Taylor for most beautiful in that film.

She was definitely hot. I think she could have been the ultimate ice blonde, remember "The Manchurian Candidate"?

Tim said...

Happy Birthday to you and to everyone born in Rocktober!

oyster said...

Sorry so late.

Happy belated!