Sunday, December 23, 2007

Housing Policy - Redux

I'm stunned, over the last couple of weeks the most visible issue is Housing Policy. I've been writing about this for almost a year.

Here We Go Again.

[Re]Building Communities

Housing the Poor

The Public Housing Problem

None of these posts garnered much reaction, virtually none from the "activists". Mostly the comments were from people I know. I realize I'm not significant in the debate, except for my vote. But I wonder why the issue only came to a boil recently.

I'm not alone in this. I wonder why?

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Pistolette said...

Because it's only when the loud, raucous protesters engage in violence on national television that anyone pays attention.

While our local news was covering the amazing unanimous vote on demolishing the complexes last week, the national media did nothing but show the riots, and grossly contorted the story.

I suppose even the most intellectual prefer to watch a melee over a lecture. Unfortunate.