Friday, August 22, 2008

Cerasoli is a Rock Star

Tonight Ray Nagin was presented with an award for "Award of Distinction for Recovery, Courage and Leadership" at an event called "A Tribute to the Recovery of New Orleans". A number of people protested at the site of the award.

Later in the evening at Buffa's Robert Cerasoli strode into a room full of bloggers like a Rock Star.

Robert Cerasoli, Inspector General

I was surprised that he came, there had been rumors he might come, but I was skeptical. I was even more astonished that he reads our blogs, almost all of them apparently. When I introduced myself he commented on my recent posts. I'm a fan. I was impressed with his command of the blogosphere. Many others had similar experiances.

Nagin spent the evening with sycophants and Cerasoli spent the evening with concerned citizens of New Orleans and a few amateur investigators.


LatinTeacher said...

AWESOME. I think he's my new hero. Now if the city would just give him the money to get his office up and running...

Sophmom said...

Yeah. In retrospect that was so incredibly cool that he came and stayed and listened. Wow. I had a great time. It was a great Rising Tide. I don't think anyone expects it to be perfect and without growing pains. I just hope we keep doing better every year. Great to see all y'all. Thanks so much for all you did.