Friday, August 08, 2008

Dumbass of the Week

City Attorney Penya Moses-Fields

Recently City Attorney Penya Moses-Fields sent a letter to City Inspector General Cerasoli. In that letter she demanded Cerasoli inform her when he initiated any investigations. Cloaked in a lot of legal mumbo jumbo, Ms. Moses-Fields entirely misconstrued the plain language of statues she quoted. They were clearly intended shield the files of the Inspector General from her and her colleagues in City Hall. None of the statutes cited in Ms. Moses-Fields letter make any mention of public records.

Inspector General Robert Cerasoli

The Inspector fired back that he had no intention of sharing any information with the City Attorney (She should have read the laws she quoted) and the furthermore - she has a legal, ethical and moral obligation to provide public records to the citizens of New Orleans.

Game, Set to Cerasoli. The Match has yet to be decided.

One thing is clear from this exchange, Ms. Penya Moses-Fields is not friend of the citizens of New Orleans. Nor is she the sharpest tack in the box. In fact it would not be hard to conclude that she is not a very capable attorney and should be dismissed from her position.

She definitely deserves a dumbass award. Her later attempts to "explain" her initial stupidity only dig the hole deeper.

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