Thursday, April 23, 2009

BOLO* - Festista** Alert

You can tell what's happening in New Orleans by who you meet on airplanes. Yesterday I came back earlier in the week than usual to miss the craziness of the Festistas**. I wasn't entirely successful, but it wasn't unpleasant either.

I was happy to meet Terry and to talk to her all the way to New Orelans we shared a beer or two and talked about places we'd been and things we liked to do.

She has been coming to New Orleans for Jazzfest for about 20 years. This year she was meeting a girl friend from Houston and they were going together. Sounded like fun.

Then she asked me if I wanted one of her titties.

I was a llttle surprised and she whipped out a koozie and gave it to me. Apparently these are something of hobby of hers. She says she gives away something like a couple thousand a year. Being something of a koozie connoisseur I said great! She gave me several.

Pink seems a natural color but they also come in lime green. For those a little more modest, they come in camo.

If any of you you see her out at the fest be sure to ask for a tittie.

* TV Cop talk for Be On the Look Out
** is that the correct word?

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