Monday, April 06, 2009

Hey man, what's with you?

As the circus surrounding the current city administration continues, our Mayor has displayed an serious lack of logic in dealing with his ethical responsibility as Mayor.

I suppose any father wants to help out his sons start a new business, even to the point of steering business their way. However it seems somewhat illogical to claim that, if as Mayor he helped a major big box retailer, and coincidentally that retailer just happened to give business to his boys, that somehow since the store he helped get built doesn't do business with the boys, no ethical line was crossed. As a CPA he should be familiar the concept of "Fungibility".

The press seems to be hung up on whether a law was broken. They base that on whether as 40% owner he exceeded the 25% allowable under state law. I suppose he could argue that since the interest was community property, he actually only owns 20%.

In other news regarding his dealings with his BBF Muppet. The Mayor seems to think that since the veracity challenged "Whiz Kid" told him there was no "direct vendor" involved in the vacation, it's fine. Or since "whoever owned the yacht or whatever, " got reimbursed things are OK.

So let me get this straight, if I can get someone known for playing fast and loose with the truth to tell me things are legit, or get someone who has is an "indirect" vendor to the city to give me something of value or have a major corporation send money to my family from a different store, I have behaved ethically?

Then there is the matter of the missing email. According to the TP "Drake, St. Pierre and other subcontractors all had e-mail accounts on the server, just like Meffert and other public employees appointed by Nagin." This is the same server that had the Mayor's email deleted for a lack of space. Something the "whiz kids" could have solved for a few dollars and in spite of policy promulgated by Meppert, that called for regular backups and off-site storage of backups.

When I get involved with someone so obviously trying to scam me I always wonder if they're stupid or if they think I am. Usually they think they're so much smarter than everyone else that they don't think anyone will notice. They're usually wrong.

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Anonymous said...

I have no idea why it doesn't get mentioned more but one of the Meffert team, Michael LaFrance, who still works on and sits on the City of New Orleans servers and is on the City's web page, actually created the web page.