Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie Trailers

One thing living in a FEMA trailer did was make me aware of travel trailers. Before I hardly ever noticed them anywhere. Now I seem them everywhere and all of the time. I even found one Saturday morning on TV.

Around my place Saturday morning is usually spent making breakfast, cleaning up, doing laundry and watching old movies in the background. I think it goes back to my childhood watching Roy Rodgers and Gene Aurtry on Saturday morning.

Usually I've seen the movies many times before, but recently I saw a movie I don't think I've ever seen or head of before Panic In the Year Zero.

It's a pretty tame drive-in movie feature of the time. It begins with a family starting off on a camping trip Mom, Dad, teenage Brother and Sister hauling a travel trailer.

Not long into the Journey there is a flash. Later they see an ominous mushroom cloud. The rest of the movie follows their efforts to survive as society breaks down.

The trailer is never really seen on the inside but it used to hide Mom and Sis, as well as store provisions. Along the way they encounter (and re-encounter) a hardware store owner, his wife, and a band of juvenile delinquents. The cast is pretty small. After setting up in a mountain cave, the hardware store owner finds the trailer and moves in. He then runs into Dad in woods, they plan to get together later. The delinquents attack the hardware store owner and loot the trailer. The family rescues another teenage girl from captivity. Sis is assaulted by the delinquents. They kill the bad guys. It has atomic war, juvenile delinquents, mild bondage, and moral equivocation, perfect.

Anyway it was a hoot and does feature a Kenskill trailer manufactured in California.

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