Monday, November 23, 2009

Some People Just Don't Get It!

We went to a funeral this weekend. It was perhaps the largest funeral I've ever attended filling the parish church full almost to capacity, but that is a different post.

After the Mass there was a procession from the church to the cemetery. A police motor cycle escort stopped traffic for the procession as it passed through intersections and held traffic at signal lights.
Along the way a car cut into the procession directly in front of us. We thought perhaps they were separated form the group and merely catching up. As we passed the next intersection one of the escort signaled the driver to turn on his lights and flashers, which he did. After passing through a few more intersections the car turned off its lights and flashers and took a left into a turning lane, heading off to some unknown destination.

She was aghast that anyone would be so disrespectful and to take advantage of a funeral merely to get through a few red lights without stopping. She said "That's the kind of person that will not have anyone at their funeral".

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adrastos said...

Malakatude, pure and simple.