Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SuperDumb Gender Gap

In an effort to keep up the negativity after the Saints mind blowing destruction of the Pats I'll return to a thing I wrote a little while ago.

Quoting myself;
At gate D where we entered only two sets of screening lines were open and the female lines were virtually empty. The screeners refused to allow men through the female line and refused, in spite of the obvious problem and the chants from the crowd pressing forward, to convert one of the female lines to male.
That was the Giants game which the Saints also won.

Since then we have played two home games and Dome Security changed the arrangement at Gate D installing 3 sets of lines handling everything efficiently. Even the Monday night game against Atlanta was efficient and waits were minimal.

This week for the much anticipated Monday night game and the second largest crowd in Superdome history, the Dumb Security reverted to the two lines, with predictable results. There were long lines waiting for screening. Again there were often extended times when the female lines were completely empty. Yet the female screeners did nothing help out the guys standing right next to them, except block males from crossing the gender line.

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