Sunday, January 24, 2010

LA Times agrees with Cliff

This morning I see that LA Times has a story by Sam Farmer headlined
Reggie Bush might be the X-factor for Saints.

The money quote is
"To me, he's the X-factor" against the Vikings, NBC's Cris Collinsworth said.
Collinsworth must have been reading Cliff's Crib. Cliff has been on this for months. He's a believer in Reggie's potential to become the Saints X Factor. Starting in September he's written a series of Reggie posts.

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I think Reggie has suffered from "Fear of Commitment". He seems to always to be looking for an opening, rather than taking advantage what is there, extending the play, rather than looking up field. There have been flashes of productivity. Last week was a breakthrough. This week will be a test.

Perhaps it's his girlfriend. Reading between the lines he seems to have recommitted to her. Maybe their bet about the SuperBowl wasn't so much of a joke.

I know she motivated a bunch of guys in our section at the dome late in the game last week. Late in the game they were paying more attention to her in the box than to Reggie on the field

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Clifton said...

Reggie almost made me look an idiot LOL.