Friday, June 22, 2007

What if I buy my Trailer

FEMA has told us we might be able to buy our trailer. I'd kind of like to keep it but I have no idea what I might do with it if I did.

Press reports and logic indicate FEMA could sell it to me cheap, just to keep from having to deal with it. If FEMA were to sell it to the former occupant, they could avoid the cost of hauling it off ($2-4 a mile) and reselling it.

Ever since I heard we might be able to buy it, I've been thinking about what we might do with it.

I have floated the idea of a sort of blogger resort somewhere north of here, no takers so far.

We have talked about buying some land nearby and parking it there. One thought is down on the Cameron Parish Beach

We're open to suggestions. Please feel free to offer some.

A friend of mine has asked if he could buy mine, after I buy it from FEMA.

I expect there might be a pretty active local market in third hand former FEMA trailers hear abouts. Any one want to make and offer? I promise a low mileage Travel Trailer, occupied only by mominem although occasionally She visited.

One thing is for sure, before I could haul it anywhere I would have to get a license for it as soon as I get a title. Looks like it will cost $40 for four years.

Since as far as I can tell the auctions of similar trailers in Hope AR with identified deficiencies bring around $3,000.00-$4,00.00 ea. Published reports say FEMA may sell Travel Trailers for about $650.00. I have no idea what offer we'll get from FEMA. I do know that to sell our trailer for $4,000 FEMA will first need to pay someone to disconnect it ($?,???.??) and tow it the 445.6 miles to Hope (at a minimum of $2.00 per mile or $891.2). These figures don't include the cost of inspection, advertising and the auctioneers commission. It seems likely that, FEMA's costs will exceed their recovery.

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