Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Stupidest Thing Nagin Ever Said.

This has to be the stupidist thing Nagin ever said;

"I want to make sure that when you're firing your bullets because you're dissatisfied you fire them at the right folks,"

Considering the level of gun violence in the city and the national attention it has gotten, not to mention the pain and suffering of the people directly affected, for Hizzhonor the Chocolate Domed Oneder to even mention anything remotely related to shooting anyone is incredibly insensitive, stupid, reckless and disgusting. I just can't fathom it or him.

He said this at a housing forum.

I came across this in my Headline Service. WWL reports an AP story about Crime that quotes former NOPD Police Chief Richard Pennington extensively;
Pennington said. "In 1994 there were 427 murders in New Orleans and 180 of those were in the housing projects, so that's where we put our officers."
There were about 6-7,000 public housing units then compared to probably 175,000 housing units in the city. 4% of the housing units more than 40% of the murders.

I can't imagine there aren't huge cries of outrage from the African-American community so affected by gun violence.

I can't imagine the lefties aren't excoriating him.

I am so angry at the caviler manner he invokes the blood soaked streets of our city.

I guess we got the Gangsta Mayor.

She says he either needs to get off his meds if he's on them or get on some meds if he's not.

Credit to Editor B for pointing this out to me.

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