Thursday, July 19, 2007

What a Load of Garbage

Well, I finally did it. I signed up for my new Garbage Can on the City of New Orleans website.

I filled out my form and it said I was registered. I even printed out the PDF. The PDF had all of the correct information. I just don't trust that the city will deliver my can. It might be because just after the city we said we were registered they said the delivery date for my new can was:

I was also given pause by the city Sanitation FAQ:
What happens if my collection cart is stolen?

The household or small business at each location is responsible for the lost cart unless it obtains and presents a police report to the city for the theft. Once the theft is reported and documented each vendor is responsible to locate the bar coded cart by use of a tracking system. If the cart is not located within seven (7) days, the household or small business will be responsible for the cart replacement fee.
I wonder why the cans aren't fitted with Lojack. I have a report from a friend that his mother has had 3 stolen so far.

What type of collection cart will I receive?

Each household and small business will receive one (1), 96 gallon standard collection cart free of charge. The 96-gallon cart has the capacity to hold 250 pounds of household garbage. Special consideration is being given to seniors (65 yrs of age and older) and persons with disabilities. Those who qualify for special assistance may request the smaller collection carts, 32 gallon or 64 gallon cart.

Can I continue to use bags?

No. All trash must be placed inside the collection carts for collection on residents designated trash collection days. If residents place trash outside of the cart, they will receive a notice recommending that the resident purchase an additional collection cart.

In the seventies I lived in Atlanta for a time. While I was there Atlanta implemented a similar system, They went from back yard garbage pickup to these big cans on wheels like we have now. It caused an uproar. Some people took to calling the cans Li'l Maynard after the Mayor, Maynard Jackson. I think I'll call mine Li'l Clarence.

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Assistive technology said...

I don't know how much I like the sound of all this. I like the no bag policy, as bags are terribly environmentally unfriendly. But they seriously didn't give you a delivery date?