Saturday, August 08, 2009


Hispanics, at least in my experience don't see themselves as a single group.

I think you'll find that Hispanics as a group were largely invented by pollsters and politicians. That unlike blacks(aka African Americans), there isn't a single predominate Hispanic voter profile.

A New York Puerto Rican is not that much like a Texas Mexicano or a Miami Cubano. There are people with Hispanic sur-names who have been in New Orleans for hundreds of years.

"Hispanics" tend to see themselves as Puerto Rican or Cuban (who don't like each other much) or Mexican or Honduran or whatever first.

There are also sharp class divisions within most nationalities.

South Americans are clearly divided and some view themselves more as Europeans, especially the upper class South Americans.

The Brazilians don't even speak Spanish.

Puerto Ricans have been U. S. Citizens since 1917.

Richie Valens didn't speak Spanish.

I expect that Associate Justice Sotomayor will be an important asset to the court. I don't expect any radical shift in decisions, unless Obama is reelected.

I also guarantee that in some park in Miami there are Cubaons playing dominoes who are saying we should have been first.

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