Friday, August 07, 2009

Ain't that Sumthin' - A Little Late and a Dollar Bill Short

Anthony Jones

Anthony Jones was fired for among other things, taking a trip paid for by a city vendor.
In addition to findings that he took a trip on the dime of a city vendor, hid the spiraling cost of the city's much maligned crime-camera program and lied about his academic credentials, former New Orleans technology chief Anthony Jones was fired for allegedly fabricating a purchase order to buy nearly $120,000 in equipment from computer giant Dell Inc., city records show.
In most places any one of those would get you canned.

Why isn't the mayor held to the same standard? Hasn't he admitted pretty much the same things?$ Bill Jefferson

$ Bill Jefferson was also convicted on 11 of 16 counts against him. Interesting that one of the counts he was acquitted on was the famous cold cash. Seems the jury thought it wasn't illegal to promise to bribe a foreign official if you never actually did. Interesting moral position.

Cliff Says it well, as usual.

In some of the comments on the stories there is the usual racist comments. I'm ashamed to have that sewer associated with a city I love.

There were also few people defending Jefferson for the"good he has done". Based on my observation any good he has done is purely accidental or because he couldn't figure out how to steal the money.

The most disappointing thing to me is that much of his theft was at the expense of people who depended on Jefferson to help them. He stole money intended to help the community.

His excuse is sending his children to Harvard was expensive. Somehow Jefferson got a Harvard education without the help of a prominent, successful, well paid father.

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