Monday, August 31, 2009

In Defense of Snake Gods

Here is the text of only my second post on

Drambala had the goods on Meffert long before the local news media. They waited for confirmation, which might not have come without Drambala's lead.

Ellis and Naef showed up at Rising Tide with a posse and were looking for Drambala, yet if you read his post he's passing on rumors and asking for confirmation. Naef or Ellis could have replied directly to him and if the answer is credible he would have posted a clarification or retraction as he has done before. Instead they chose to resort to intimidation and threats.

Is asking about a public employee wife's the politically related business activities Libel?

The first post was an on an article about the late Ashley Morris. I normally refuse to post comments there because of their abysmal comment handling policy which allows disgusting comments.

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