Thursday, May 31, 2007

1485.4 Miles - Part I - Abduction Intervention

She's been working too hard stressed out and obsessing over work. She needed a break.

Because of prior travel arrangements She was scheduled to stay in Atlanta until Saturday morning before returning New Orleans.

I decided to give her a surprise. She loves surprises. I decided to try to do something from Atlanta. We could start sooner. I couldn't figure out what to do so I Googled "Closest Beaches to Atlanta". She loves the beach, it's so relaxing for her. The results were surprising. The closest beaches were Tybee Island which was expected but just slightly further were Florida Gulf Coast Beaches, like Mexico Beach, Panama City and others I had never heard of like Alligator Point.

A Google orgy ensued. I searched many of these locations. I decided an Abduction Intervention was in order. I located a house in Alligator Point FL and arranged to rent it for the weekend. Because it was so late I was very limited on availability.

Oceans Roar

Memorial Weekend 2007

Since She left for Atlanta on Tuesday evening I had a few days to make final arrangements.

I decided to drive to Atlanta Thursday night, surprise her then take her to the beach. By force if necessary.

The Plan.
  • Prior to Her Departure
    • Rent a House (secretly)
    • List everything needed for the weekend
      • Clothing
      • Groceries
      • Linens
        • Sheets and towels were not supplied with the rental.

  • Tuesday, May 22, 2007
    • Drop her off at the Airport.
    • Layout all of our clothes.

  • Wednesday, May 23, 2007
    • Make Groceries.
    • Pack Suitcases.

  • Thursday, Thursday May24, 2007
    • Pack the Car
    • Take a nap.

  • Friday, May 28, 2007
    • Wake up at 12.01 AM
    • Shower
    • Drink a big cup of coffee
    • Drive to Atlanta
    • Arrive Atlanta around 8:00 AM EDT
    • Noon depart for Florida
All of this worked out just fine, except that I was late getting to Atlanta. I had hoped to arrive before She left for work. I was running late, largely because the Yahoo Maps driving time was accurate. I expected that it would be shorter than reported as it always had been before. I also got off slightly later than expected and took a short rest stop nap along the way and a small detour looking for gas.

Kenner to Atlanta
Total Distance: 485.8 miles, Total Time: 7 hours 12 mins (approx.)

In any event I was later than I expected. I pulled into the Apartment parking lot and called, to see if She was still there. No one answered. I didn't see her car. She must have gone to work already. I decided to go in and regroup then surprise her at the office later.

I let myself in. I was surprised to hear water running. At first I thought She had left the washing machine running. I was wrong. She was in the bathroom, taking a bath.

I didn't quite know what to do. She wasn't expecting me and I had been apprehensive all along about her reaction.

I called her name through the bathroom door, no response. I called again, and again no response. Eventually She, shocked, stunned and dumbfounded opened the door and emerged.

She seemed relieved it was really me.

After a hug and a calm down period she seemed excited by the Impending Abduction.

We went to work for a half day prior to departing for the beach.


Sherry said...

I think that was a very nice surprise. I enjoyed reading about your plans.


Sophmom said...

Dang. I didn't scroll down when I came and read Part II. Silly me. We passed in the night it seems, as I arrived in Destrehan at about 2:40 CDT. I'm thinking somewhere in Mississippi or maybe even Alabama, depending on where you stopped/detoured. LOL. I bet you scared her silly.

mominem said...

I left at 12:30 AM CDT so I imagine we passed somewhere on I-10 East of Slidell.

I hit Slidell at about 1:00 AM CDT.

My detours were much later on, when I was getting punchy. I should have drunk more coffee.

This is starting to sound like one of those math problems.

If Sophmom traveling from Atlanta arrived in Destrehan at 2:40 AM CDT and mominem left Kenner at 12:30 AM CDT for Atlanta, where did they pass each other and at what time.