Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Road Home Milestone

According to the latest Statistics the Louisiana Road Home has now held more closing than the Mississippi Home Owner Assistance Program -Phase One. This is a milestone of sorts, of course the Louisiana program has 130,828 applicants and the Mississippi Program has only 18,753. Still it's something and it only took twenty months to achieve.

Latest Statistics as of April 30, 2007

Total applications received and recorded to date: 130,828
Appointments held:

Initial Appointments Held:

Advisory Services Appointments Held:


Benefits calculated: 70,053
Total Benefit Options Selected:

Option 1:

Option 2:

Option 3:



Amount of benefits calculated: $5.31 billion
Average benefit calculation: $75,858
Closings scheduled:
Closings held:

According to the Mississippi Web Site as of April 25, 2007 May 2, 2007, Mississippi had closed 13,546 13,597 grants. Of course Mississippi has fewer than 2500 grants left to process, while Louisiana has well over a 100,000.

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deb said...

Well here are my two cents! Literally
I am the designated "caller" to the Road Home to find out the status of our possible grant? Every time I call they refer me to the website where I can never find out info on anything I want to know. I also always ask, when I do get a live person, is mine taking longer than others since we have been waitng on our final determination letter since February and when I ask this question they say there is no "normal" timing or even "average" It makes me crazy that they seem to have no knowledge of their own internal processes. So now I am told to keep calling, but they probably cannot tell me anything else. Here we are in May
Deb. Oh well.