Saturday, May 19, 2007

Road Home Shenanigans?

I have no evidence I trust.

Recently several people have told me that they believe the Road Home grants were being steered toward Democratic Party faithful. I don't believe it. Or at least I can't figure out how to verify it.

I can tell you my application has been in process for 4 months (more that double the time I was told it would take). All we can find out is that our award was recalculated last on April 10. Why an award needs to be recalculated at all is somewhat beyond me. Perhaps they want to give us more money but I can't imagine why we can't be asked for (OR GIVEN) more information to clarify any discrepancies. Or even informed of reason the award was being recalculated.

As of today May 20, 2007 The Road Home reports that,

Average benefit calculation: $75,550
Closings held:

This extends to $1,274,830,700.00 grants closed (and I hope paid without further modifications).

This is only about 25% of the amount in the bucket already approved.


Puddinhead said...

Although just how one identifies "Democratic faithful" without being privy to each individual's voting record would be something of a mystery.

Puddinhead said...

Oh...and just for the record, my first meeting with my Road Home advisor was six months ago, and they still don't have things figured out.

And I haven't voted for a Republican since Buddy Roemer...which was right about the time the Republican party started to completely lose it's collective mind.