Thursday, September 13, 2007


Nearly everyone knows the City Council has issued a subpoena of the Head of the city's Property Management Department. She didn't show up according to The Zombie and the TP.

I wonder why the Mayo can't bother to send his representatives to a meeting with the council?

The Mayo recently said the City Councils subpeona of his Department Head was illegal.

I wonder if he's channeling George W. Bush in his controversy with Congress over subpoenas?

In any event The City Code says;
Part I Charter

Article III The Council

Section 3-124. Investigations. (1) The Council shall have the power to conduct investigations of
(a) The operation of any office, department or board administering the affairs of the City.

(b) Any subject upon which it may legislate.

(c) Any entity which receives funds from the City or which is funded in whole or in part by City taxes, fees, fines, bond proceeds, or other revenue generated by or under the authority of the City. Such investigation shall be limited to the use or expenditure of such funds.

(d) Any entity which was created or exists under the authority of the City.
(2) In conducting investigations, the Council shall have the right to administer oaths, subpoena witnesses and compel the production of books and papers pertinent thereto.
Section 3-124 (1) (a) looks legal to me, but IANAL but the neither is the Mayo.

Finally he says the council members requesting the subpoena are inexperienced and if the crook Oliver Thomas hadn't "gone away" this wouldn't have happened. Oliver the Crook hasn't gone away yet but he will be "sent up the river" fairly soon.

I have a suggestion for the Mayo, release everything there is to know about this situation. If the Administration has done everything in its power to remedy the situation, then they should be exonerated. According to published reports approximately $40,000 has been spent on the problem, which depending on the nature of the system and the problem may not be out of line. But as I understand it the problem is more than six months old and hasn't been fixed yet, plus it apparently took all summer to decide to buy a "few WalMart air conditioners".

I guess Park Island really is the "Isle of Denial", or maybe its Plano.

I wrote a while back about my visit to the Gretna City Council. Maybe it would be a good idea to make the Mayo preside over City Council meetings, at least they could see him once in a while.

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