Tuesday, September 18, 2007

K-ville Debuts. New Orleans Still Stands.

K-ville is the new Fox Cop Show set in post Katrina New Orleans. It has been available on the Internet for some time. I've avoided anything to do with it in spite of intense interest and apprehension. Depictions of New Orleans in film and on TV have been almost uniformly bad and clueless. I wanted to see it in its intended setting.

Nola.com has a Weekly Scorecard. Chris Rose even wrote about it. That makes it officially important. Chris Rose even did a follow-up, how much more important can it get.

We in the nolabogosphere have been following production because Michael Homan's house and daughter are featured.

Monday Night K-ville finally debuted. It is basically a conventional gritty street cop show, set in New Orleans. It doesn't get New Orleans too wrong, assuming typical TV creative license . The Characters are typically gritty and the settings really are mostly in New Orleans. We'll see how it goes from here.

Other Bloggers have posted their reactions. Schroeder didn't like it much and has elaborated his impressions. Mark Deane E and Pistolette agreed. Adrastos thought it mediocre. He also collected most of these links. Clecus sort of agreed and wonders why we expected anything different. Marcus was mixed. Maitri was typically busy, live blogging and probably doing geological research as the same time. Tim as as usual came up with the lyric response. In typical New Orleans fashion Metroblogging New Orleans came up with a drinking game. Leigh's Mom even found a silver lining. YatPundit was kinder, he sorta liked it Swampwoman did too.Even Ashley came around eventually. I probably left some people out, please leave comments and I'll add links.

I have a few observations of my own.
  • My name was mentioned in the first 5 minutes. I'm more famous.
  • Kalypso has star quality.
  • New Orleans will survive this TV show.
  • The white guy's back story need serious work.
  • This is the first dramatic broadcast TV series with a predominately black cast.
I could be wrong about the last one but I don't recall one. There have been a lot of integrated shows. A lot of black situation comedies, but I can't remember any other dramatic series with a predominately black cast. And I haven't seen that commented on at all, but I live under a rock.


Michael Homan said...

Is that last comment correct, the first majority black drama? That's interesting and I've been trying to think of another but can't.

mominem said...

The was a series on cable, Showtime I think, called Soul Food. I had to find it on the Internet. I can't believe that I'm right.