Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boyz and their Toyz

Recently there has been a sort of mini brouhaha over Inspector General Robert Cerasoli's requisition of some fire arms.

Robert Cerasoli, Inspector General

The initial report did raise my eyebrows, but the TP story quoting Odom and reminding people that the Police Monitor was under the IG's office put it in perspective for me.

How many NOPD officers have been convicted of murder?

Two I can remember,
Len Davis and

Antoinette Franks.

Were there others? There were other officers who have been implicated in a number of serious and violent crimes including beatings and rape.

C. Ray Nagin and Chief Riley

Considering how much fun Ray and his BFF AKA 'da Chief had playing with their machine guns I think he's just jealous Bob is going to get his picture in the paper with a machine gun.

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