Monday, January 12, 2009

I Feel Much Safer Now

Departing FLL for home yesterday I had the following exchange with a TSA Employee;

TSA DUDE: I bet I can tell where you're from.
ME: Where?
TSA DUDE: Scotland.
ME: ???
TSA DUDE: Yeah we had a guy in a kilt come through here.
ME: ??????

She walks up and hands him her boarding pass and ID.

TSA DUDE: You'd better take care of him.
I feel much safer knowing TSA Dude is out there protecting me.

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Leigh C. said...


Those wacky TSA dudes. One of 'em nearly confiscated a king cake Dan was bringing to DC on the grounds that it was filled with a gel substance (aka, cream cheese or other filling). The supervisor was called over and, since it was Mardi Gras day, he said, "I'll let it go today."
He'll let it go TODAY? A king cake is now carry-on contraband?

What will they think of next?