Saturday, January 03, 2009

"Did you say Utes?"

Ever since Utah was picked to come to the Sugar Bowl and I found out they were know as the Utes, I haven't been able to get the exchange between Fred Gwynne (as the Judge) and Joe Pesci (as a new small time lawyer) out of my mind.

Marisa Tomei was great as an out of work hairdresser and automotive expert (she's cute too).

I've always liked this movie. It's one of my favorite comedies and one of the few recent comedies that is funny with out being mean or stupid.

But these Utes, as the University of Utah athletics teams are known named in honor of the American Indian tribe for which the state of Utah is named. The Utes have inhabited this area of the country for at least 1,000 years. Today, tribal headquarters are in Fort Duchesne, Utah, and the Ute Tribe, with a membership of 3,300 and its own tribal government. The University of Utah, in cooperation with the Ute Tribal Business Committee, is proud to share in the tradition of the Ute tribe.

Back to the Sugar Bowl, we all know who the Ute's are now. their coach out coached Nick Satan and won a hard fought game. When Alabama looked like they were coming back Utah held them off and won. I'm almost sorry I wasn't there to see it.

I'm sure a lot of LSU fans were temporary Utes, last night. The only disappointment was that apparently not that many Utah fans traveled with the team. The University even turned several thousand tickets back to the Sugar Bowl.

Congratulations Utes
2009 Sugar Bowl Champions.

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