Sunday, September 24, 2006

Looking for Links in all the Wrong Places.

Most Blogs have a list of dozens of links. I've got eight.

NOmenu. Tom Fitzmorris' website is not a called a blog, but its pretty close. I listen to his radio show every day on the way home from work. He is doing a tremendous work promoting eating, drinking and happiness in the only place in North America that cared about eating and drinking prior to 1960.

Kalypso The Odyssey A nice your lady.

Dangerblond. What can I say the girl's an original.

VatulBlog. Maitri Venkat-Ramani has lot going on.

timsnamelessblog. Tim lives close to me, is rebuilding and lives in a trailer too.

Clif's Crib He's a man who has his head on straight.

b.rox. was flooded and is rebuilding.

Deutsches Haus I'm not a member but love their spunk and Oktoberfest.

Rising Tide New Orleans 2006 A link for the conference.

I don't know how those people have time to read all of this stuff and have a life and a job. I barely have time to do my little blog, make a living and try to fix my house. And I'm not so sure about the last two.

I have begun to feel guilty about the lack of links here. I can't go out and search the Internet read every blog every day and I do have some standards.
  • Need to I feel a connection.
  • The subject should be somewhat related.
  • I don't want to be political.
  • Not too much anger.
I'd like to ask anyone who has a a suggestion to chime in.


judyb said...

I carry links related to Katrina recovery, whether in New Orleans of the Gulf South.

Karen said...

People that have linked to you

dangerblond said...

Thanks for the shout out. I need to update my blog links, too.