Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Earth Moved

Last Sunday morning we had an early errand, we had bought some stuff at the Kirshman's going out of business auction and had to pick it up. It all went smoothly and we were back at the trailer for breakfast before 10.00 AM.

At about that time the trailer shook and She, startled exclaimed "What was that?" In my usual dull manner I replied "Nothing, big trucks shake the trailer all the time." I thought it odd she would notice, although in truth I had felt it too.

Later I heard that at just about that same time there was an earthquake in the Gulf. I wonder if in her usual sensitive manner She felt the earthquake or if the trailer is somehow tuned to the earth as a sort of seismic echo chamber. It reminds me of a science project I once did, building a seismometer, I won a prize even though it didn't really work.

I wonder how many more dramatic natural proto-disasters I'll have to experience? So far there's been a hurricane, a flood (the big one), a tornado (I heard the freight train and several houses a few blocks away were demolished) and earthquake. No pestilence so far but there are a lot of flies around.

I still wonder if what we felt was really the earthquake?

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