Saturday, September 30, 2006

Un-Stuck on Stupid

Lt. General Russel Honoré has been lionized by the local political class. I don't really know what he actually did, except for his most famous remarks to a journalist. That seems to have been a personal mantra, used more than once. He sure made people feel better, that someone was in charge and doing something.

His phrase "stuck on stupid" has entered the popular culture. A google for "stuck on stupid" gets 530,000 hits, with a bullet.

A few weeks ago I thought the whole city was stuck on stupid. I even started a new blog about it. If anyone looked at my profile you might have seen it. But I never could get over feeling a little dirty about it, so I never published anything. Yesterday I deleted it.

I wondered why so many in the city were still stuck on stupid. Our mayor couldn't seem to get out the way of his mouth. Everything in government is broken and no one seems to be doing the obviously important.

Our DA, who can't seem to hold his temper or prosecute a case, was investigating the Gretna Police Department, instead of the New Orleans Police Department or prosecuting murderers.

The owner of the Saints was behaving badly (he still is, but some things never change).

In spite of this everywhere I sensed there was a slow steady reawakening of the city. Ordinary people, with little help from those paid to help them, are finding ways to rebuild and return. The changes are slow, I only really notice them when I leave town for a few days. I have been gone for a week and just returned Monday morning.

I can detect small noticeable differences. For example;
  • A nice guy bought the house behind us and is working to repair it. He hopes to be in in November.
  • We reached an interim settlement with our insurance company and a check.
  • Commander's Palace re-opens Sunday.
  • Deutsches Haus re-opened Friday
  • The Saints played well on Monday night and we all got some good press.
On Monday night that awakening exploded I think. The Saints have made a lot of people feel like they can come back from disaster. The Saints are coming back from their own disaster of last year.

None of our local politicians embarrassed us. Either that or I just didn't care anymore. I'd settle for the politicians staying our of the way, with their kind of help I'm not sure we're better off.

Either way it was a good week.

Oh Yes, and Oktoberfest started Friday.

This week was a very good one, perhaps the best in over a year.

I think we'll be OK, but We're Not OK -Yet.


judyb said...

it was good wasn't it? Like a breath of fresh air.

oyster said...

Indeed, I think (in general) it was the best week since the storm as well.

bayoustjohndavid said...

I have to disagree with you, I think it's been more of a feel good week than a good week. Unfortunately, that good feeling seems to be causing the city council to think that the recovery money is about to start rolling in. At least they seem to be voting for new spending initiatives without asking obvious questions.

There's a line about the city being able to access that $150M line of credit from private banks, if a second federal loan doesn't come through. We now know that the private will be much more expensive than previously thought, but the idea seems to be that we don't need to prioritize spending because we're covered.

You recently commeted on Adrastos' blog:
"Instead we are talking about a long list of capital project which cannot be funded. The lack of funding will fuel political divisions in the city for the next generation."
You were right, and the feel good week is making that more likely to happen.

Sophmom said...

Hope is so powerful.